Monsoon is always the most awaited season. The rain, smell and the smell of good food have always left people in awe. However, monsoon opens the gate for infections and allergies. Children are the most affected out of everyone. They are more prone to catching the infection. It is at this time that children should be provided with adequate immunity. This can be achieved only through the presence of nutrients, proteins and irons in the daily diet.Also Read - Postpartum Nutrition Guide: Tips For Healthy Eating After Giving Birth

With the presence of humidity in the atmosphere, the temperature of the body fluctuates in the monsoon season. This leads to the creation of microorganisms which makes the body more prone to catching infections. The risk of water-borne diseases increases as children tend to eat and drink carelessly. For a proper diet, the inclusion of all forms of nutrients, iron and vitamins are required. Also Read - National Nutrition Week 2021: How to Consume the Right Nutritious Food?

According to Dr. Kajal Pandya Yeptho, Chief Dietician, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi; healthy food helps the kids to fight against common diseases like cough, cold, diarrhoea, etc. Lighter food can help in digestion and can prevent indigestion and acidity. Also Read - Include Herbs, Nuts And Fruits to Enhance Your Daily Diet

Important Nutrients That You Can Add to Your Kids Diet

  • Protein

Rich sources of protein like fish, chicken, lean meats, eggs, nuts, milk, yoghurt, paneer cottage cheese, soya products, tofu and peanut butter, provide a good source of protein. They help in building muscle and other tissues along with immunity in a child’s body.

  • Iron

Food rich in iron is red meat, beans, green leafy vegetables, tuna, eggs, dried beans, iron-fortified cereals etc. They help in making the red blood cells in the body which helps in carrying oxygen. Iron deficiency can lead to anaemia.

It is important to include green leafy vegetables at least three times a week as they provide a good source of folic acid and vitamin C. You can also include cauliflower and broccoli twice a week.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps in the healing process and fighting infection. Children often get injuries while playing outside. Citrus fruits in a child’s diet can be beneficial. Vitamin C fruits juices like orange, lemon, sweet lime, grapefruit can do wonders. Even other sources of vitamin C like guava, papayas, tomatoes, bell peppers and broccoli. This also helps in absorbing iron.

  • Vitamin D

Morning sunlight which is a good source of Vitamin D is good for children. Hence, they should be encouraged to play during the sunlight. Vitamin D is very important for ensuring strong and healthy bones in the body. This can be found in 45 dairy products and cereals in India.

  • Healthy Fats

The right amount of fat is beneficial for brain and nerve growth, especially for infants and toddlers. It also helps in maintaining metabolism, promoting blood clotting cells for a faster healing process and absorbing vitamins. Mostly in fried things, trans fat is found and that is not good for the body.

Along with the aforementioned diet, hydration is also important and is highly recommended. By drinking water, toxins from the body are released. According to Dr. Kajal, a balanced and healthy diet will help a child leading a stronger, healthier and happier life.