New Delhi: A co-passenger of JDU MLA Gopal Mandal has filed a complaint with the Government Railway Police (GRP) alleging that the MLA abused him and snatched away his gold rings and chain when he objected to the MLA roaming in the train in his undergarments, reports news agency ANI. He has also alleged that the MLA was intoxicated. The case has been transferred to Buxar in Bihar.Also Read - Bihar MLA Gets Water Instead of Diesel From Fuel Station; FIR Registered Against Owner

Meanwhile, MLA Mandal, who was caught on camera roaming in undergarments while travelling from Patna to New Delhi on Tejas Rajdhani Express train on Thursday, tried to clarify his actions by saying that he was suffering from diarrhoea. “I was only wearing the undergarments as my stomach was upset during the journey,” Mandal was quoted as saying. Also Read - 14-Year-Old Specially-Abled Girl Learns to Write With Her Toes, Wants to Become a Teacher

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The MLA was trolled badly on social media after he was spotted roaming in his undergarments while travelling on a train. The incident happened on Thursday when the MLA was traveling from Patna to New Delhi on the Tejas Rajdhani Express. Mandal along with two of his aides boarded coach number A1 (Second AC) and their seat numbers were 13, 14 and 15. When the train was crossing Dildarnagar station in Uttar Pradesh, the MLA removed his clothes and went to the washroom in a vest and underwear.

(With inputs from ANI)