Things didn’t turn out well for this woman who was just trying to take a selfie with a goat. This video was shared on Twitter by a user called The Darwin Awards on September 1. Since then, the video has received more than 411k views and 1.4k likes.Also Read - Viral Video: Mumbai Police Band Performs Bella Ciao From Money Heist. Indian Twitter, Netflix Love It

The short 11-second clip shows a woman recording a video from the front camera of her phone with a tied-up goat in the background. At first, it looks like the goat is coming towards her lovingly. Also Read - Viral Video: Karnataka BJP MLA's Son Cuts Birthday Cakes With iPhone, Slammed For 'Ugly Display of Wealth' | Watch

However, since the goat is tied up it couldn’t easily reach her. On the goat’s second attempt to come close to the woman, it seems clear that the goat is trying to attack her.

She can even be heard saying, “It’s trying to head bump me.” In a split second, the goat makes a third attempt and jumps at the woman’s head with its horns facing toward her. That is where the video ends.

Watch the viral video below: